Castle Family Suite

Our Castle Family Suites are ideal for families since they feature two separated bedrooms a living room and one or two bathrooms.

Some develop on two floors. They Measure between 45 sq. and 80 sq. and feature antique and traditional furninshing like terracotta tile floors, vault ceilings exposed beams and fireplace.

Our Castle Family Suites are located in the Middle Age South Tower of the Hotel and can be reached through stairs. They all have a breathtaking with over the Val d’Orcia and the Castello di Velona’s wineyard.

The marble bathrooms are fitted with bathtub or shower and a single basin.


Castello di Velona | Montalcino | 发现CASTLE套房


设在城堡历史古迹区的“Castle”套房,可让住客欣赏到奥尔恰山谷的全景和周围的葡萄园, 在24间“Castle”客房和套房的墙壁之中隐匿着千年的历史遗迹
Castello di Velona | Montalcino | 我们惊人的餐厅


极具乡村气息的Il Brunello豪华酒吧设在Velona城堡历史古迹区,而经过现代化设计装修的Ristorante Settimo Senso(第七感餐厅)位于城堡的新翼,环绕城堡的葡萄园和橄榄园的色彩。