The only Castle with its own Thermal Spring, Brunello di Montalcino wine, and organic olive oil.




Located on the south-western strip of the territory producing Montalcino wines, facing the healthy currents blowing-in from the sea and protected by the overlooking hills, the farm company surruonds the Castle.

Here, the clay soil, medium mixture with a noticeable presence of skeletal, a proud land, together with an ancient passion and skill, are the favourable backdrops where to produce a wine that becomes the expression of a territory.

The limited extension makes of it a small jewel.

Five hectares of vineyards subdivided in six lots, each with its own trait and personality.

Our philosophy is that of a small size farm company wich, for respect to nature and traditions, applies the farming techniques of modern viticulture by looking to the more marked quality.

Every vine is a Brunello's, cared for and respected as such.

We have six different vineyards, each one overlooking different Cardinal Points:

"Vignone", "Poggetto", "Campo della Fame", "Gradoni", "Vigna del Castello", "Le Logge".