The only Castle with its own Thermal Spring, Brunello di Montalcino wine, and organic olive oil.



Our waters

Within the Castle, the UNIQUE TERME DI MONTALCINO, a natural treasure flows silently beneath our feet - the warm thermal waters. These beneficial waters, rich in calcium, magnesium, and zinc due to millennia of journey through the depths of the earth, offer a unique thermal experience that embraces body and soul.

Below, you will discover the key information about these thermal waters, their healing powers, and the exclusive thermal experience they provide in our enchanting retreat. Welcome to a journey into wellness in  the heart of Castello. 

Where does the Hot Pool Water Come From?

Within the Castello di Velona Resort property, there are three thermal wells that draw volcanic waters from over 250 meters deep. The "Velona" waters represent the hottest Thermal deposit in all of Tuscany, with volcanic waters gushing at over 90°C.

Bathing in the Castello di Velona pools means immersing yourself in fossilized water, enriched with minerals over hundreds of years before surfacing to release its beneficial effects on our skin.

The pool waters are changed daily and are not chemically treated to preserve their precious chemical and physical properties.

What are the Deposits Along the Edges and Bottom of the Pools?

The minerals (primarily CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM) precipitate from the water itself as it cools from its original temperature (90°C) and, upon contact with oxygen, settle due to gravity.

The deposits and the presence of algae on the bottom and edges of the pools indicate our waters' absolute purity.

The waters are sanitized using UV lamps to ensure their complete bacteriological safety without altering the essential mineral properties.

Why are Our Waters Special?

Our warm waters come from underground sources, heated by nearby volcanic sources from Mount Amiata. As they surface, they pass through mineral deposits and gases that dissolve into the water. Minerals, salts, and bicarbonates precipitate from their dissolved state as the water cools and comes into contact with oxygen in the air.

Volcanic activity, along with ambient temperature and rain, play a crucial role in the time it takes for minerals to settle, potentially causing changes in water transparency from hour to hour. When the water appears darker, it's richer in minerals at that moment.

What are the Beneficial Effects of These Waters?

Studies conducted by the University of Pavia, specializing in Thermal Hydrotherapy, have shown that the waters in our pools have a positive effect on improving blood circulation, the skeletal system, and skin due to their high density of minerals, particularly Calcium and Magnesium, dissolved in the water.

The vapors released on the water's surface have a purifying effect on the respiratory system.

It is recommended to take repeated baths throughout the day, not exceeding 20 minutes, interspersed with rest periods (known as "reaction") while lying down. Enjoy your bath!