Our Chef Bacciottini is Best Italian Young Chef of 2017



The path of our chefs who express themselves with dishes that constitute a story of history and culture of the Amiata and beyond.

The new Gourmet Restaurant of the Castello di Velona

New concept of cuisine, tasting menus.

Our Executive Chef Riccardo Bacciottini , from NOMA in Copenhagen, and Chef Giuseppe Alfano with his Mediterranean cuisine, express their experiences in the two tasting menus. The latter are distinguished in a journey through the culture, origins, uses and customs of Monte Amiata and the experiences carried out abroad and in Italy by the two Chefs.

Our tasting proposals consist of a 5-course "Amiata" menu and a 7-course "Contaminations" menu.

Territorial tastings and personal experiences where Riccardo and Giuseppe will have fun expressing themselves for you.