Our Chef Bacciottini is Best Italian Young Chef of 2017

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The path of our chefs who express themselves with dishes that constitute a story of history and culture of the Amiata and beyond.

The new Gourmet Restaurant of the Castello di Velona

New concept of cuisine, tasting menus.

Our Executive Chef Riccardo Bacciottini , from NOMA in Copenhagen, and Chef Giuseppe Alfano with his Mediterranean cuisine, express their experiences in the two tasting menus. The latter are distinguished in a journey through the culture, origins, uses and customs of Monte Amiata and the experiences carried out abroad and in Italy by the two Chefs.

Our tasting proposals consist of a 5-course "Amiata" menu and a 7-course "Contaminations" menu.

Territorial tastings and personal experiences where Riccardo and Giuseppe will have fun expressing themselves for you.

The Brunello Gourmet restaurant restaurant is open only for dinner. Lunch reservations also avalible at extra charge. 

Have a look at the Il Brunello Gourmet Restaurant MENU